“Beyond Borders” Hong Kong Artworks Exhibition

Upcoming Events
May 30 – June 28
"Beyond Borders: Reshaping the Ordinaries of Hong Kong" Exhibition in Toronto
Venue: The Oval & Upper Oval, Yorkville Village (55 Avenue Road, Suite 2250, Toronto, ON)
June 13 – July 3
“Beyond Borders: Traces of Hong Kong Stories” Exhibition in Vancouver
Venue: CF Richmond Centre (6551 No. 3 Rd, Richmond, BC)
Online Events
Space are limited and available on a first come first served basis


“Beyond Borders: Traces of Hong Kong Stories” exhibition in Vancouver and “Beyond Borders: Reshaping the Ordinaries of Hong Kong” exhibition in Toronto are jointly presented by the HKETO (Toronto) and Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) to showcase how Hong Kong artists reinterpret traditional materials and artworks used in Hong Kong, such as bamboo and galvanized iron, to create their own series of contemporary artworks for home deco or use in the modern daily life.

The exhibitions will be held at CF Richmond Centre in Vancouver and The Oval & Upper Oval, Yorkville Village in Toronto in summer 2022.. Artworks, including galvanized iron letter box, bamboo steamer tower, lion head crafts, cheongsam mini dummy, and more, will be displayed with a focus on the craftsmanship of masters of Hong Kong intangible cultural heritages. Relevant talks and workshop will be held to encourage exchange between Canadian audience with the Hong Kong art community.

The exhibitions are supported by the Hong Kong Tourism Board in Canada, and presented by CanAsia Creative Exchange in Toronto and DramaOne in Vancouver respectively.

Mini Cheongsam Dummy
Bamboo Steamer Making
Lion Head Artwork

Galvanized Iron Making
Galvanized Iron Making
Hong Kong Arts Centre 

HKAC is a multi-arts centre that fosters artistic exchanges locally and internationally. HKAC has been dedicated to building the local art ecosystem as well as facilitating cultural exchange between Hong Kong and the rest of the world. With a view to making art accessible to wide public audiences, HKAC has presented over 2 000 programmes covering performing arts, visual arts, film and video arts, public art projects, art conferences and art festivals, etc.

In 2021, HKETO (Toronto) collaborated with HKAC to co-organise a contemporary cheongsam exhibition in Canada. The event earned much applause. By continuing the effort in bringing over more inspiring artworks from Hong Kong, we hope that the Canadian community could know more about the latest developments in this Asian art hub.  


(Courtesy: images from Hong Kong Arts Centre)


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